Travis Powell – Two Rooster Kettle Corn and Coffee Co

I wish I could rate this product and give this company 25 stars. It is hard to review the Artisan 6m with only 5 stars and a few quick words!

Quick background- our company specialized in products that were not coffee. When we realized the need for quality, fresh coffee in our area the hunt was on. We were literally starting with zero product and process knowledge.

Our search lead us to numerous companies and products, which our budget was not prepared for. Then, on eBay, I came across Coffee Crafters. I cannot stress how glad I am that I found that listing for the Artisan 6m!

The product-
The Artisan 6m meets and more than exceeds what what we expected out of a coffee roaster. The most important and obvious feature was the cost. Easily coming in 50-70% below what the industry average is for a roaster, our business was poised to pay off our capital investment insanely fast. The price of this product allowed us to not worry about what was making our product but instead allowed us to concentrate on what we were roasting and who we were going to sell it to.

The ease of operation on this machine also instantly creates a situation where you can train staff with no headache and you don’t have to worry about a novice effecting the quality of your product.

The quality of the equipment is bar none. Super impressed with the level of simple but highly efficient engineering. The high quality fabrication means less time making sure my roaster is working and more time making money. If, in the event a part does fail, it has been brilliantly designed with replacement parts we can all find locally.

Production with this roaster is also spot on. We roast easily 30 lbs and hour with non stop roasting numerous hours at a time. We can fill 1/2 lb orders to serveral hundred pound orders. With this roaster, it isn’t “how much can I roast”, but instead is “how much can I sell!

The biggest selling point of the Artisan 6m is easily and by far, the staff and fabricators. They treated our company as if their business depended on it. From product education to support and information about not only the roaster but to running a coffee business itself. No question or inquiry goes unanswered by them. If needed, the tech support is thorough and speedy. The quality of this machine and company is clearly, to us, based on the care and attention the staff and company give to the production of the product and to us as a customer.

Travis Powell
Two Rooster Kettle Corn and Coffee Co
Roanoke, VA