Rick Olson – Olson House Coffee

I want to give a review that I hope is helpful for anyone who is considering purchasing the Artisan 6 I purchased the Artisan 5 back in early 2013 with the intent of selling coffee at our local farmers market and small retail grocery stores here in Northern, CA. Let me start by telling you California is a nightmare to start a small business in so be prepared if you live here. I want to take a second to tell you about Coffee Crafter’s customer service. In a world where customer service is usually outsourced or service is poor Coffee Crafters shines !! I have talked with the owner Ken and head of sales and service Shawn on several occasions and can tell you they are a first class operation. Every question I have had they have been glad to answer. My first impression looking at the roaster said quality. I did a lot of research on small commercial roasters. I liked the design and the fact that they made the roasters in Washington State.The ease of use and small foot print was important also. The ability to plug into a 220 volt dryer style outlet made the hook up simple. The construction, fit and beautiful finish all were excellent quality. So here I am about one year later, thousands of pounds of coffee roasted supplying 14 stores all with the Coffee Crafter Artisan Roaster. No issues to date at all. This roaster is awesome it roasts 1/2 to 6 lb batches to perfection. My roaster is the older 5 pound model and I received some updates to match the performance of the Atrisan 6. I have literally cupped thousands of roasts with beans from all over the world and Hot Air Roasting is truly going to give you the smoothest coffee with excellent bright flavors. I have won over so many coffee drinkers that thought they would never change the premium brand coffee they were buying. I can honestly say that if I was going to do It all over again without question I would purchase the Coffee Crafter Artisan Roaster, no question!