Chris Crumal – Lovejoy Coffee Company

I had been looking for a new roaster for my business for quite some time. My one pound roaster just
wasn’t cutting it anymore as my business grew and I found myself spending more and more time on the
roaster with less and less return for my time. I don’t recall where I first heard about Coffee Crafters
Artisan 6, maybe a coffee forum, maybe an advertisement but the machine piqued my interest instantly.
Yes, the price had a great deal to do with it but I also happen to love fluid bed roasters having started my

career on small and large Sivitz machines. I was on the fence about purchasing the Artisan 6, I had
reservations about a new company with no track record of dependability or customer service. I emailed
Ken a few times with questions and he answered promptly and at length. Still I wavered. Finally I had to
make a decision and I found myself on the road to Liberty Lake, WA to pick up my new roaster. Nine
months and hundreds of pounds of coffee later I pat myself on the back for being so remarkably wise.
My Artisan 6 has been a workhorse and has made my life a great deal easier. I’ve had a couple of
technical issues along the way but in each case the response from Ken was immediate, accurate and
effective and I was up and running within 24 hours. It is nice to know that someone has your back when
things go wrong or when questions arise. The one thing I seldom hear people mention is just how much
fun it is to use this machine. I mean, I feel like a little kid every time I get orders and fire up the roaster.
I’m an active participant in the roast process as I smell the beans, hear the beans, watch the beans as
they go from jade green to cinnamon to chocolate. It is such a seat-of-the-pants experience and I feel I’m
in complete control through the entire process. It really shouldn’t be this much fun but it is. If you want
to start or grow your coffee business you really owe it to yourself to check out the Artisan 6.