Coffee Crafters Artisan 6 Roaster was featured on the Steve Harvey Show. We were contacted by the show asking if we would be willing to donate one of our roasters to a small coffee shop in Englewood Chicago.

We were excited to be able to participate in the success of this young man, and thrilled that he would be using one of our coffee roasters to help fulfill his dreams, but also build up a community in one of the tougher parts of Chicago.

Coffee Crafters knows what it is like to have a dream, and go after if with everything you have, because that is what we are doing with the Artisan roasters.

We believe that we are producing a coffee roaster that will stand the test of time, and continue to provide our customers with a machine that will produce the highest quality roasted coffee for their customers.

We are dedicated to helping our customers succeed, and love to hear success stories like the one above.

Roasting coffee doesn’t have to be complicated, and we believe it doesn’t have to be expensive either. That’s why our roasters are priced thousands of dollars less than our competitors.

While we can’t give away a coffee roaster to everyone, we are committed to giving you our very best every day.

We hope that you enjoyed this story, and that you found inspiration to start your own coffee business someday.