Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re like me, one of the most confusing parts of coffee roasting is finding suppliers for beans and bags. We’ve provided an easy solution. The Coffee Crafters green bean co-op offers quality beans for much less.

The Artisan coffee roasters install much like a clothes dryer. It requires installing an electrical cord and venting requires a standard 4” metal dryer vent. For optimum venting use standard 5” metal ducting available at any major home center.

There are 2 main types of coffee roasters, fluid bed and drum type. Like the Artisan 3-e & Artisan 9, a fluid bed roaster roasts the beans on a bed of hot air. The beans are constantly moving which accounts for the even roast. This even heat transfer is what makes fluid bed roasters so much faster than drum roasters that roast in a horizontal rotating drum.

So is fluid bed roasting better than drum roasting? Well, as a manufacturer of fluid bed roasters I’m expected to say that our roasters produce better coffee. The truth is fresh roasted coffee rules the day no matter what machine you use for roasting. Properly installed and operated machines of both types produce great coffee.

The Artisan 3-e will roast 18 lbs per hour and the Artisan X-e will roast 50/60 lbs per hour with no problem. A warm machine will roast in about 8 minutes with a couple minutes for cooling. You should cool your beans before starting your next batch. Our 10 lb roaster production is about equal to a quarter bag drum roaster. It’s fast!

About 1/3 the cost of our nearest competitor! Our unique manufacturing method and patent pending chaff collection system help keep our costs down while providing features not available on any other machine.

The Artisan roasters were designed from inception to be operated by people with little to no prior roasting experience. The roaster was designed by our President Ken for his roasting operation in Thailand where he needed to train people who spoke very little English by him, who spoke very little Thai! It literally takes 5 minutes to get a novice roaster up and running producing great coffee!

If you’re like me one of the most confusing part of coffee roasting is finding suppliers for beans and bags. We’ve provided an easy solution. For small to large quantities, the Coffee Crafters green bean co-op has the best prices in the country for quality beans.

About 1/2 the cost of our nearest competitors. Coffee Crafters sells factory direct so no middleman markup. All of our customers get wholesale pricing!


The Artisan roasters combine the lowest cost in the marketplace, large capacity roasts per hour in production, very low installation cost and all the help you’ll need to get started. This combination results in great profitability!

Ease of Use

The Artisan roasters were designed by a coffee roaster for new coffee roasters, and designed so anyone can learn to roast in minutes! It’s easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use.


The Artisan 3-e roasts 3 pound batches all while being very energy efficient and is capable of 18 pounds an hour.  The Artisan 9 roasts 9 pound batches in 7+ minutes and is capable of 45 pounds an hour– every hour. It’s rugged – built in America – and designed for years and years of trouble-free use.


It’s really simple: you won’t find anything close in price, capacity and quality.


Designed intentionally, the Artisan coffee roasters are the most profitable, easy to use, productive coffee roasters in its class. Whether in the corner of a garage or a hotel lobby, the sleek design and quality finish compliments any surrounding.