Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase green coffee beans?
What is involved in installing the Artisan 6m roaster?
What is “Fluid Bed Roasting” and how does it differ from “Drum Roasting”?
How many pounds of coffee will the Artisan 6m roast in an hour?
How affordable is the Artisan 6m roaster?
Why is the Artisan 6m the easiest to operate production roaster in the world?


The Artisan 6M combines the lowest cost in the marketplace, large capacity – 30 pounds per hour, very low installation cost and all the help you’ll need to get started. This combination results in great profitability!

Ease of Use

The Artisan 6M was designed by a coffee roaster for new coffee roasters, and designed so anyone can learn to roast in minutes! It’s easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use.


The Artisan 6M roasts 6 pound batches in 7+ minutes and is capable of 30 pounds an hour – every hour. It’s rugged – built in America – and designed for years and years of trouble-free use.


It’s really simple: you won’t find anything close in price, capacity and quality. At $4,947.00 complete with our patent pending chaff collection, and an 8lb cooling systems, the Artisan 6M is the lowest priced production roaster available anywhere!


Designed intentionally, the Artisan 6M coffee roaster is the most profitable, easy to use, productive coffee roaster in its class. Whether in the corner of a garage or a hotel lobby, the sleek design and quality finish compliments any surrounding.